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About the client:
A large state technical education board, an examining and certifying body for diploma and ITI colleges in the state. It conducts descriptive examination twice a year in paper-and-pencil mode.

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THE CHALLENGE: To reduce turnaround time for results to 30 days

The board conducted paper-based examinations, the biggest challenge of which was the excessive time required to complete evaluation and announce results. Other issues were:

  • Possible security lapses: The paper-based method involved frequent manual handling of scripts, which raised the possibility of malpractices during the evaluation process.

  • Logistical issues: The answer sheets had to be transported from the exam centers to the evaluation centers. Also, several preparatory manual activities were required before actual evaluation could begin. Thus, the process was time-consuming.
  • Demotivated evaluators: Evaluators were required to travel to the client headquarters to perform evaluation. They had to perform manual activities like tracking answer sheets evaluated and totalling of marks. Thus, evaluators were not motivated to offer their services to the board.
  • Access to evaluated answer sheets: The board wanted to make the process transparent by making the evaluated answer sheets available to the students and reduce the number of re-evaluation requests.

MeritTrac Solution: TracMarks, an on-screen marking platform

The client approached MeritTrac with a request to develop a solution that would not only solve the operational and quality issues but also offer a good evaluation experience to evaluators. MeritTrac suggested deploying its on-screen marking platform, TracMarks, to enable evaluators to carry out evaluation online and digitize the entire evaluation system.

  • Secure delivery model: The new delivery model was designed such that the answer sheets were digitized at a controlled, central location—the client headquarters. The digitized answer sheets were anonymized, thus eliminating chances of malpractice.
  • Reduced time required before evaluation: After anonymization, the digital answer sheets are transferred online to the evaluation platform, TracMarks, and accessed by the evaluators from a board-authorized evaluation center. Thus, transportation time is significantly reduced.
  • Good evaluation experience: TracMarks freed evaluators from manual tasks such as tracking answer sheets and totalling marks. Errors in totalling or issues like missing out questions were eliminated. Thus, evaluators could focus on evaluating answer sheets using their subject matter expertise, improving the quality of evaluation.
  • Access to evaluated answer sheets: TracMarks made it possible for students to access their evaluated answer sheets, with the evaluator's annotations, in digital format. This increased transparency and reduced requests for re-evaluation.


Digitization of the evaluation process and on-screen marking transformed the entire process for the board.

  • Results could be announced in less than 30 days.
  • Over 2.4 lakh answer sheets have been evaluated in the last 2 years.
  • Evaluators are happy to offer their services to the board for on-screen evaluation.
  • Students have access to evaluated answer sheets, making the process more transparent.

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